Should I Post to Multiple Blogs?

It is quite a common scenario. After deciding to start a blog specifically about your favorite hobby, one evening, you find yourself with nothing about that subject to write, but there is a particularly thrilling post about a concert you went to last night just itching to be written While you originally wanted to write travelogues on your blog, you find yourself not going anywhere this month and feel like, well, maybe you could try your hand at scribbling down some fiction instead. Why should your blog be restricted to just a single facet of your life? Why not write about other things? Should you create a new blog for every subject you want to write about?

The answer seems to be deceptively simple. It is very easy to create a new blog; and, if you are new to the whole blogging experience, perhaps creating a blog on a different platform would be quite a good idea. You would get to learn more about the entire process, decide which tools and capabilities are important to you as a blogger, and, surely, most importantly, you will be keeping your different subjects straight and separate. But is creating a new blog the right solution? It turns out this ends up being a question of identity, branding, and, perhaps just as importantly, your ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.


Time and time again, the online marketing experts will refer to the importance of establishing a brand; something uniquely identifiable about you, or what it is you bring to your web site or blog. There is quite a lot that contributes to a brand; logos, design elements, choice of colors, and so on, but it has little meaning unless it is accompanied by consistent content. Everyone knows what to expect from a McDonald’s, and would be perturbed if they one day turned up at one to find they were selling something else other than fast food.