How Search Engine Optimization Can Be Effective For Personal Blogs

People who start a blog usually have one thing in common, they are impatiently waiting for their first visitors to arrive at their new site, and they crave the attention of the crowds OMG Blog. Many bloggers have confessed over their blog pages about their hopes for traffic and media exposure, having their thoughts and posts responded to and republished all over the internet. Even an inexperienced person will feel the excitement of publishing a new post on a blog, and would be disappointed to learn that no one read his or her thoughts by the end of the first day.

A few years ago the web 2.0 revolution was on its way, blogs became one of the easiest and most popular way for many to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, blogs were many times referred to as your own private magazine on the net, only no one knew that much of those blogs will not be visited by anyone, and will serve as personal diaries of those who write them. The fact that so many people started having blogs created vast competition for the topics that were covered in those pages, from radio controlled helicopters to Italian cooking tips bloggers were creating a dense forest of related pages that confused both visitors and search engines robots.

The direct result of the wild expansion of blogs was that search engines started being suspicious about blogs in general, and after a short love affair with blogs search engines wanted to see more commitment from these easy to set up internet pages and their publishers. Today blogs enjoy some of the fruits of that old love affair with the search engines, but are still under close inspection.