How The Bodybuilding Supplement Industry Is Good For All!

In the 1970s, bodybuilding supplements were only available through mail order, from those little ads you saw in the muscle magazines. The powders arrived and tasted like shredded cardboard. You chugged them down with some raw egg whites mixed in and dealt with the gastrointestinal discomfort for hours Phentermine over the counter weight loss pills.

In the 80s and early 90s, you had to make a special trip to the only GNC in town. There, you could find all sorts of vitamins, weight gain powders, and mysterious elixirs which promised to transform your physique. This was the Wild West period of supplements, which rumors of companies spiking products in order to garner great reviews, and varied doses ranging from useless to overkill as companies learned what they had and how it worked and sold. Everything cost an arm and a leg, as there was no real competition to keep the big supplement store honest SARMs for Sale 2023.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, things started to change. Various chains of health food and supplement stores started popping up. Grocery stores began carrying muscle-building and weight loss products, as the fitness craze was at its peak. Some standards and consistency in products began to emerge. Suddenly you could open a tub of creatine or whey and you were fairly confident what you were getting. Prices fell significantly Top 3 Testosterone Supplements. Supplements became available to a larger base of shoppers.