Green Tea Plant – Benefit of the Green Tea Plant

Green tea plant (Camellia sinensis) is a type of plant species whose leaves and buds are used to produce tea. The name sinensis means Chinese in Latin. Camellia sinensis is a native to Southeast Asia and it environs but today the plant has spread and now is across the world in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

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Today you can plant and grow your own tea plant and later enjoy the various health related benefits it comes with after its maturity. Everyday the benefits brought by the green tea plant are being discovered by various researchers worldwide. In addition, the black tea is actually got from fermentation of the leaves from the green tea plant.

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Camellia sinensis is the evergreen shrub that is usually trimmed below two metres and can be grown in a part shade to full shade, also you can the green tea plants in the greenhouses or even in a porch. Most of the tea varieties tolerate temperatures down to 2of degrees. Most Tea varieties tolerate temperatures down to 20F degrees.

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