Aug - Sept '10

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This is my last issue of FLIP.  I haven’t run out of stories, or people whose stories I find interesting, or people whose artwork makes me wish I could do the same.  I have run out of time to do it.

FLIP has been a hobby of mine for the past three and a half years.  I have worked on it on a laptop, in my spare time, usually while watching TV at the end of the day.   This year has been an exceptionally busy one, and making the creation of a four-page monthly industry e-mag with unique graphics has grown more and more impossible.   That explains how this, the August issue, is appearing well into the month of September. 

Making FLIP has been a great experience, giving me a good excuse to contact people whose work I admire and ask them lots of questions. My thanks to all who participated and for making FLIP a great read (for me, anyway).  A special thanks to my regular contributors: Nancy Beiman, James Baker, Signe Baumane, Tom Sito, Dan Jeup, Ralph Eggleston, and Dave Pruiksma.   Their stories very much shaped the character of FLIP, making it more than just 'Steve's Blog'.

If you liked FLIP, thanks for reading and be sure to check through the back issues for stuff you may have missed.  If you didn’t like FLIP, be sure to check through the back issues and gnash your teeth with simmering rage.

And be warned – FLIP 2.0 may pop up in the not-too-distant future.    

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